Val Sanguigno

Listening to the delightfully raucous pipe of the flute acting as main voice in the devotional tune, accompanied by other stringed instruments like the sarod, the sitar and the santoor, I drift in the exquisitely relaxing atmosphere of this Indian piece of music. We were listening to this CD yesterday, after coming back from a hike in the mountains. The weather had been rather gloomy, no sun, but at least hardly any rain. Only a light drizzle wetted our raincoats as we were making it back to the car down at the beginning of Val Sanguigno, near the beautiful old power station of Aviasco.

Back in Bergamo we stayed in the car listening to a few pieces of music that so well matched the soft feeling of spring weather, unable to act, as if mesmerised by these harmonious tunes. We had no hurry to open the boot and retrieve our gear and leave each to his home. The flute played on, and now as then, it makes me appreciate the outing in the mountains still covered in heavy snow, slow to wake up to the call of nature that down in the plain is already making the trees bud, the flowers blossom, the grass become green, but in an air that is not so pure.